MyPascoConnect – My Pasco Connect Portal

 myPascoConnect works as a one hub Pasco solution to the single login problem that has been faced by students, teachers and parents. With the help of myPascoConnect users do not need to remember different passwords for all the kinds of services that are provided by official Pasco.

By using myPascoConnect is a single sign-on service that is accessed by students and school staff including teachers, after logging in to the account for the first time users will be provided with the option to customise the My Pasco Connect account as per the individuals choice.

It is possible to access myPascoConnect using any good internet browser including Chrome, Firefox, etc. Also, if you want to experience all the features and functions of the website then you may be asked to use Class Link extension which is available for Chrome Browser.

MyPascoConnect Login  or  Give Feedback

If you want to avail great benefits on the services of MyPascoConnect than you will have to register with the portal where you will be given necessary details to sign in.

Providing with steps and guides below to register in the portal and have a personal registered My Pasco Connect account.

How to do MyPascoConnect Login?

  1. I would like to request you to please follow the below-given steps as it will help you to get access to My Pasco Connect directly.
  2. First of all, please visit
  3. Now click on “Sign In to MyPascoConnect”
  4. Here you will need to enter the username and password (for staff and teachers)
  5. For students, they can enter the Canvas/LDAP username and password.
  6. If you have followed the above guide then I am sure that you can easily log in to Pasco Connect portal without any issue.

What to do after the first-time login to MyPascoConnect?

If you sign in for the first time then you will get a prompt to verify your password. On the LaunchPad, you can see a good number of applications which are directly provided in your My Pasco Connect account.

If you want to access any of the application and if you are using it for the first time then you may be asked to provide the login details, remember that this process is mandatory if you are using any application for the first time.

What is MyPascoConnect?

MyPascoConnect is one of the best-personalized desktops in the cloud that lets you access the school from anywhere on the device.

Website Name:MyPascoConnect
Provides: Portal for Teachers, Students
Languages: English, Spanish
Issued By:Pasco County
Features: Unified Platform

Today, more and more different devices appear in the classroom, users expect 24/7 access, and schools need to cut costs. It takes a different and faster approach.

MyPascoConnect is ideal for educating students and staff to maximize academic effort by facilitating access to learning tools via the virtual lesson desk.

MyPascoConnect gives you real-time access to your Cloud folders, assigned Active Directory shares, and Apps if your school or organization has MyPascoConnect.


Profile settings make it possible for users to easily change the avatar, update the theme colour as well as access the password locker and there are many other features as well.

This portal is very important because of its great features and functions, so users can easily understand it’s functionality.

MyPascoConnect connects teachers, students and parents within the same portal so that it becomes easy for them to coordinate.

My Pasco Connect Profile Settings:

General Settings: With this option, users can change the avatar image. There are many other settings as well but we have included only a few of them here.

You can change the dashboard and website’s colour as per the individual’s choice. There are various kinds of application that can be accessed using My Pasco Connect, users can easily assign a password for these applications.

This feature provides extra safety and security against unauthorised login.

How to Setup Password Recovery Option?

If in any case, you don’t remember your MyPascoConnect password then you don’t have to worry about it if you have set up password recovery option. Follow the given steps:

Step 1) Just go to MyProfile and click on “Password Recovery Setup”

Step 2) Here you have to select any of the available options from Phone, Email or Security Question.

Step 3) So, if you ever need to reset the password then you can just click on “Help, I forgot my password” link from the official website.