How to Create MyPascoConnect Parent Account?

With this guide, parents will be able to create an account at MyPascoConnect without any problem.

To protect your child’s confidential information, we have created the following security procedures for setting up a parent portal account. To create an account on the parent online portal, you must have a valid email address and the student’s date of birth must be registered with the Pasco County Schools.

How to Create Parents Account?

  • Log on to the following Web site: and select Check Qualifications / Support in the LEFT PARENTS menu area on the right side of the screen.
  • Select Country: Use this link to create an account.
  • The input screen contains a message with three (3) options to choose from:
    A) I have not registered an account in the main portal, but my son is actively registered.
    B) I have registered an account in the main portal but would like to add a secondary account.
    C) I forgot my password and would like to generate a new password.
  • If you do not have a primary account yet, click I did not register an account on the main portal, but my child is actively registered.
  • Enter all required fields with your own information. Your child’s school has set these conditions to create a parent account. Click Submit.
  • Enter the information required to identify your child. Linking a student to a parent account is subject to three conditions. Several children must be added at the same time. An option to add another child is available in the next step. Click Add Student.
  • Your child’s name will be displayed on the screen and the school will receive your request for a link to the student’s account. Click I want to add another child. Otherwise, click “I’m ready” to add students to “CREATE MY ACCOUNT”.

Further Information:

A. To add another child, enter all required information and click Add Student.

NOTE: This step can be done as many times as needed or later.

B. If you click Create my account, a confirmation message will appear with your username and password. A link will also be provided to return to the login screen of the main portal of MyPascoConnect.

NOTE: Your username and password will not be sent by e-mail. Write or put it on the phone.

On the portal login screen, enter your new username and password. Click Login. When logging in to my students for the first time, you can change the generated password by selecting the menu in the left sidebar. Enter the generated password, a new password, and the new password again to confirm the entry.

Click Save in the upper right corner. After selecting Save, the following is displayed: Note: Your new password will be saved at the top of the text box.