Terms and Condition

MyPascoConnect has signed the privacy policy with the students and the obligations contained therein as follows:

MyPascoConnect complies with the provisions of the Online Child Protection Act (COPPA). MyPascoConnect manages and protects only information that users can use with MyPascoConnect services.


MyPascoConnect has iKeepSafe Certification: The iKeepSafe COPPA Safe Harbor Certification Program ensures that the process of collecting, using, maintaining and disclosing personal information for children under the age of 13 and the principles and requirements of the Protection Act are consistent with data protection. Website for children (COPPA).

Terms and Condition or Disclaimer

  1. Companies that comply with the guidelines receive a passport, and parents and schools make it easier to identify products that are COPPA compliant.
  2. Information collected through a student information service/school (personal or other information) can not be used or the student’s behavioural guidelines are passed.
  3. Authorize authorized, educational, or school purposes only, or in accordance with the recommendations of parents/students. Personal profile of a student.

SOC has successfully completed the MyPascoConnect 2 Type II audit by Kirkpatrick under the CPA Price license. The review of SOC 2 is based on the AICPA Trusted Services criteria and focuses on MyPascoConnect security, availability and privacy controls. A successful SOC 2 audit confirms our customers’ trust in the MyPascoConnect controller to protect their data.

Do not make any material changes to the consumers’ privacy policy before the account holder (ie educational institution/organization or parent/student) lets you know if the information is collected directly by students with the consent of the student/parent and leave Options before the data is used inconsistently with the originally set conditions; Do not make any material changes to any other policies or practices that govern the use of personal information of students who do not meet the terms of the contract.

Other Information

  • Do not store student personal information within the time required to support authorized educational/academic purposes or as directed by authorized parents/students.
  • Collect, share and store student personal information only for the purposes for which we have been authorized by the educational institution/organization, teacher or parent/student.
  • Specify clearly in our contracts or privacy policies, even to understand what types of personal information we may collect and for what purpose the information we control or disclose to third parties.
  • Assisting the student or his or her authorized parents in accessing and correcting the student’s personal information to help the educational institution meet their needs or collecting data with the student’s consent.

Carry out a comprehensive security program that protects the safety, privacy, confidentiality and integrity of a student’s personal information with administrative measures against risks such as unauthorized access or use, technological disclosure or inadvertent or inappropriate physical properties.

Demand that our providers be informed of the students ‘personal information in order to provide educational services to fulfill these obligations and the students’ personal information.

Allow a successor organization to save student personal data in the event of a merger or acquisition by another organization, provided that the successor organization is subject to the same obligations as the personally identifiable information of previously recognized students.