Privacy Policy


MyPascoConnect is committed to protecting your information and your privacy. The following information describes our privacy and security policies. For more information, see our software license agreements and our service level. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we have implemented physical, electronic and administrative procedures to protect the information we have. Get more information about our security protocols.

Privacy Policy of MyPascoConnect

Our guiding principles for personal data.

Data ownership: MyPascoConnect recognizes that all personal information (PII) pertaining to students, teachers, administrators and parents belongs to MyPascoConnect customers.

Purpose: MyPascoConnect is a reliable administrator of personal information. The data received from your customers will be used solely for the purpose of providing educational services. This data is not sold or used for marketing purposes. Customers can use MyPascoConnect tools to share data with the education providers of their choice.

Type of managed data MyPascoConnect: MyPascoConnect manages the personal data necessary for the proper functioning of the MyPascoConnect system and provides services that include the single sign-on and the list of clients served. This information includes general directory information such as name, school building, grade level and email address.

MyPascoConnect can also manage profile photos, mobile phone numbers for students over 13 years old (to send password reset confirmation codes), student identification numbers, online resource identification information and computer files (temporarily stored cached for file transfers between units and stored until the user deletes them from the unit in the MyPascoConnect cloud).

MyPascoConnect generally does not store information such as mailing address, sex, date of birth and other personal demographic information.

Protection: MyPascoConnect treats all personal information confidentially and securely. Members of the MyPascoConnect team are subject to contractual confidentiality agreements.

The MyPascoConnect Privacy Policy includes internal data management policies and procedures, restrictions on access to personal information, data encryption (for transmitted and inactive data), data system monitoring, incident response plans and ensuring that non-users authorized to access personal information. access if it is transmitted through communication networks.

MyPascoConnect may disclose personal information to government agencies when required by law.

  • Data deletion: MyPascoConnect permanently deletes personal data at the end of the contract, if it is no longer necessary or if the client notifies it.
  • Remedy: MyPascoConnect allows users or their authorized parents to view personal information stored in MyPascoConnect and correct incorrect information.

Identification of a security breach resulting in the unauthorized disclosure of personal information: MyPascoConnect immediately informs affected customers, investigates and restores the integrity of its data systems as quickly as possible.

MyPascoConnect will fully cooperate and help those involved with the required notifications.

Financial protection: MyPascoConnect contracts commercial insurance to protect its customers.